I was born in Aalborg in the Northern part of Denmark in the beginning of the 80’s.

During an exchange experience in Argentina as a student of Anthropology I completely fell in love with the bandoneon, the tango and the city where it has its origin. So I brought a bandoneon with me back to Copenhagen, where I was living at the moment, finished up my studies and organized to get back to Argentina as fast as possible. I needed someone who could help me figuring out this odd but very beautiful instrument.

In 2009 I left Denmark without a return ticket and since then I’ve felt at home in two very different and distant places of the world.

The years have passed and I’ve been rolled up in a lot of different activities. I’ll mention some of the headlines:
First of all I’ve been studying with maestros; especially the two tango schools Orlando Goñi and Emilio Balcarce have been fundamental for my understanding of the genre and the interaction with maestros has been and continuously is of the biggest experiences in my life.

Being a part of Orquesta Típica Andariega and Sexteto Andiamo during more than 10 years has formed me of course as an instrumentalist, but also and maybe even more as a tango worker, finding a way though the tango jungle together with my partner and the director Luigi Coviello. Everything has always been organized inside the group and among other stuff I’ve been producing a considerable part of the international tours.

During the later years I’ve started composing and arranging. Writing the music to several theatre plays have been a wonderful challenge and the theatre, in particular the independent scene, which is very rich in Buenos Aires, represents a beautiful artistic space that I love to interact with along with my tango activities.

I’m also involved in some communication projects where I use my anthropological skills to pass on the information that I’ve obtained living the tango for more than a decade. Not only as a music genre. I’ve been dancing all these years as well and Andariega has practically taken me to all the milongas in Buenos Aires and Europe. My fascination for the cross field in tango between music and dance has been there from the very beginning. I remember being in a milonga for the first time and feeling that it was the most amazing atmosphere and a place that was breaking down normal rules for interaction. Today this interest has brought me to work with the so called tango encounters for dancers, showing how the tango is a multiple cultural phenomenon and much more than steps and figures; also I’m telling musical stories to teenagers in Europe through an educational platform called Buenos Aires Tangolab, telling them about the fantastic artistic metropol so far away which blew me away in my twenties; in addition I’m doing a podcast about the many troubles you can have as a new born tango dancer and the complex aspects of introducing an Argentine culture into a North European context. I keep on finding tango a multifaceted culture which has a lot of potential as a profound experience for people all over the world.

Last my present project is called DANGO. It’s a very personal and fusional project that unites my present with my past. Dango takes beloved songs from the Danish Song Treasure and transforms them into tango arrangements for traditional Orquesta Típica with Spanish translations of the Danish lyrics. 

To sum up my life is filled up with tango, bandoneon, music, magic and mystery!
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Stine Engen photo